Our Products

 Computers & Servers

TR I.T. Group can obtain most computer products avaialble thru two major distributors. Based on our experience and our goal to provide the best in breed to our customers TR I.T. Group leads with the HP product line for servers, desktops and notebooks for mutliple reasons. Probably the most important being trust. Over the years we have worked with multiple manufacturers and we know that HP builds a reliable product. We also know that HP provides readily avialalbe support when needed. If we are going to present a product to our customers we want know we are doing so with a product that is proven reliable over time.


Networking & Wireless

Not all networks are identical or have the same requirements. TR I.T.Group works with a variety of networking equipment from Cisco, Watchguard, NetGear, Linksys, Barracuda and others. When installing new devices, we make every effort to scale the products to your particular environment. Whether it is a simple switch replacement or a public/private wireless application TR I.T.Group has the products and skill set to keep you network flowing.