Our Services


TR I.T.Group provides remote and on-site support for desktops, servers and networks. Our engineers are experienced and  available to provide service on a time and material or contracutral basis to assist with your computing needs.


Remote Support

Save time by allowing our team to provide support via remote access to your computer.


On Site Support

There are times when it is just necessary to be in front of the computer. TR I.T.Group services most of NE Ohio.


Hosting Services

 TR I.T.Group is currently providing e-mail hosting. web hosting , e-mail spam filtering  and server replication from our Hinckley office.

Services Overview

Remote Support 
 TR I.T.Group utilizes a remote control software client that is downloadable from our website. Within minutes we are able to view your screen and assist with any troubleshooting.

Hosting Services

  Some environments just do not justify having the expense of the hardware, sofware and  administrative costs of providing your own email or spam filtering. TR I.T Group makes it easy on your budget with monthly and annual rates for hosting services.

On Site Support

       Whether your internet is not working, we are installing new equipment or perhaps you have hardware failure, TR I.T.Group provides on site service to most of Norheast Ohio.


Computer Equipment 

       With two distributors to work with TR I.T.Group can source a wide variety of products for a simple desktop replacement or the much needed network upgrade to improve your effiiciencies.